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Double click text to change it

To style this paragraph, select this paragraph, then edit its styles in the Style tab on the right side of the Designer.

Navigation Toolbar

In the navigator tab located in the right panel you can see all your elements in one place.

Tool Study

What is a Class?

A Class is more than just the name of an element, it is a title you create that can be added to other elements that you'd like to be styled the same way. Notice that if you select this paragraph, and change it, it will effect the paragraph below as well, since they have the same Class.

Double click an image to replace it.

Parents, and text alignment

By now you may have noticed that web design, simply put, is a series of boxes inside of boxes with text and images inside of them. Try selecting the parent element of this text Right 2 then changing the text alignment.

You can also double click an image to change its size.

Layout tip

Change the layout direction of a flexbox element from horizontal to vertical.

Flexbox is a display setting found in the styles tab
under Layout > Display Settings
  1. Step 1

    Click to select Column 1 which is the white box that this paragraph you're reading is currently inside of.

  2. Step 2

    Now that Column 1 is selected, press the up arrow on your keyboard, selecting the parent element: Column Wrap 1

  3. Step 3

    With Column Wrap 1 selected, click the icon shown above in the Layout > Flex Layout styles panel.

Additional tips

  • Margin / Padding

    Margin / Padding

    The above screenshot shows the controls for margin and padding. Simply put, this is the space you add inside and/or outside of an element.

  • Add Elements

    Add Elements

    The navigator tab gives you a clear breakdown of elements and their parents, as well as where they are located within the page.

  • Responsive design

    Responsive design

    Clicking these breakpoints icons will change the size of the viewport to mimic common device sizes. Styles that are changed when viewing the website at other breakpoints will effect sizes smaller as well.

  • States


    On the top right of the selector section, there is a states dropdown. Here you can edit element styles at different states. The most common use for this is adding hover effects to elements such as buttons.